Keys To Good Leadership | Highest Rated CEOs in 2016

Keys To Good Leadership | Highest Rated CEOs in 2016

Corporate Leadership Council studies show that highly engaged employees work 57% harder and drive 23%  higher business performance.

WorldatWork 2015 recognition trends study revealed that senior management in high performing organizations are increasingly viewing recognition programs as an investment and not a cost. This is the most critical time for criteria for employee recognitionsupervisors, senior managers, team and executive leaders to use their influence.

Strategies for improving business competitiveness have shifted to be people focused.

Those with staff  directly reporting to them are more under scrutiny now than ever before (Employee’s Choice Awards-highest rated CEOs-glassdoors) 

Studies are showing that when recognition is given by line managers it is more impactful. Furthermore, as organizations are becoming more competitive in get the top talent in the labour market, employee surveys now also include the question on whether employees would recommend their managers as great bosses. 

Being a great boss isn’t automatic for most, it requires reminding oneself about what good leadership is about:

Nowadays being a great boss translates into more than being liked by your direct reports.

Nowadays being a great boss translates into more than being liked by your direct reports

showing your team how departmental objectives align to overall business goals

giving a clear sense of direction

fostering collaboration and build teamwork

recognizing greater effort for improvement, value creation and excellence building capability and support your team encouraging creativity and innovative ideas

  • communicating  with individuals and team
  • treating all staff at all  levels with respect and acknowledge them
  • establishing  priorities and keep your team customer focused.

The True Definition of Leader. “Leadership is influence. That’s it. Nothing more; nothing less.” Be that prominent influencer, John C Maxwell. He continues to say ‘anyone can rise to a higher and more effective level of leadership and thus make a greater impact.

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