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Learning to let people be, having unconditional love, stopping yourself from the urge to control people and situations, and not being offended when people do something else other than what you had in mind, keeps you focused on "minding your own business" and  builds your resilience and personal balance.

Inspiration for the week from me to you!

Faith Nhlapo

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How To Position Yourself With PURPOSE


You have to decide how you want to present yourself and how you would like to contribute or participate within a team. It is critical to brand yourself within your environment. 

Be honest with yourself as to where you are in terms of your level of understanding of the environmental context, including the subject at hand.

If you are honest, you will know your positioning. You will know the angle with which to position yourself within a team that you are engaging with, know whether to: 

1. Seek information

2. Share information

3. Clarify information or 

4. Simply observe

Today, people are no longer patient with followers – when you have no position and you just waiting to be given instructions. 

If you are serious about your brand, it is critical that you learn how to position yourself with PURPOSE.

These days, no man is an island. Optimal success is achieved where brilliant minds come together. It is not anymore about individual performance excellence.

The quicker you learn how to position yourself within the team that you engaging with, the better your chances are towards having people appreciate your ideas -notwithstanding that you will also enjoy yourself.

Again, this is applicable to you as an entrepreneur and employee, including as a leader.

Inspiration for the week from me to you!

Faith Nhlapo

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