Top Employers Know The Value Of Employee Recognition

Top Employers Know The Value Of Employee Recognition


Employee recognition is no longer only about employers giving gold watches for long term service awards.

One does not have to wait to work for a company for many years before they get recognized in this fast paced competitive era.

Top Employers Know The Value Of Employee Recognition.

Senior management is seeing that recognition is an investment. They no longer leave recognition to the human resources department as they now understand the impact of recognizing people within their departments, new high performing individuals can receive recognition as soon as they show potential or initiative.

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Appreciation of employees for day to day actions and behaviors has become a business priority in motivating people to behave in ways that support business growth and sustainability.  Recognition as a practice is an acknowledgement of employee contribution including appreciation of the employee effort and attributes.


The appreciation is not necessarily linked to achievements of performance targets associated with financial rewards. It is pure appreciation of the experience that is evoked by the way that for instance a co-worker or boss may feel as a result of an act or behaviour displayed by the individual/s.

Recognition focuses on how the individual/s that is recognized interacts or goes about delivering tasks or achieving results rather than what is delivered.

Recognition is expressed through appreciation in informal or formal ways.

Ways to show appreciation in a workplace to the person or team recognized, include:

  • a written note in an email,
  • one on one or team meeting, or
  • a nomination through a recognition program,
  • being given an opportunity to be part of an exciting project, etc.

Examples employee appreciation messages:

  • Thanks for staying up after work till late to help me with that report – this action can be linked for example to a value or attribute such as ‘Can Do attitude’
  • Thank you for sharing that great idea, I incorporated it into my presentation and guess what ‘the boss loved it’ – the acknowledgment of another for this kind of contribution is appreciation that bolsters another’s confidence, improves teamwork, and may also work for fostering idea sharing and innovation, etc.

In both examples, these are instances that show up everyday that present opportunities for appreciation in the workplace. When people are appreciated they repeat the right behaviors, and even more inspiring when others notice their peers being recognized, they also ‘up their game’ and want to be recognized. Especially when recognition is publicly shared via team meetings, email, newsletter, intranet, or through a company-wide recognition program.


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