Motivate People Intrinsically And See What Happens

Motivate People Intrinsically And See What Happens

Motivate people to make their work interesting by acknowledging that extra responsibility, recognition, promotion, and other intrinsic factors play a vital role.

Contrary to ordinary beliefs, according toFrederick Herzberg pay is just a hygiene factor  which ‘surround the job’ rather than the job itself, not actually meant to motivate. For example, a worker will only turn up to work if a business has provided a reasonable level of pay and safe working conditions but these factors will not make him or her work harder at his job once he or she is there.

What motivates people at work to work harder then, if pay and working conditions don’t cut it?

Towers Watson’s study found employers that do have recognition programs produce and outperform those that don’t have it. In over a period of 36 months, companies with a highly engaged employee population turned in significantly better financial performance (a 5.75% in operating margin and a 3.44% difference in net profit margins) than the low-engagement workplaces. This is because their people work harder (increase in discretionary effort) when they are recognized and become attached to environments where they have a sense of belonging (intent to stay goes higher). Thus, it can be said that it is worthwhile to invest in initiatives that motivate people at work.

motivate people

it is absolutely worthwhile to invest in initiatives that motivate people at work, here is why:

According to ET Bureau – 60% of India Inc staff unhappy with reporting managers: Survey. Ninety per cent of employees say that their manager doesn’t even know how to motivate them at work.
motivate people

What managers should look out for in order to not demotivate employees at work:

Through experience, barriers to managers sometimes not motivating employees may be linked to:

  • A manager that has not been exposed to leadership training may lack the know-how regarding how to motivate employees. For example, most managers may themselves have come from the school of thought that says that ‘people value money and therefore rewards that come in a form of pay and annual bonuses are sufficient to keep employees motivated’.
    social recognition

    Social Recognition Platform – enabling you to run your day today non monetary day to day employee recognition program

    The managers beliefs and limited exposure may prevent him or her to do the right thing, as in take the time to give employee feedback about the extra mile efforts on a day to day, because they are leaving that significant moment for the right time when they are doing quarterly or annual performance reviews. Departments and work groups, of course, are the supervisor’s and manager’s home turf, the place where he or she has the greatest impact as a leader and as a source of appreciation. These are the venues where a pat on the back, a word of praise in front of the team or the presentation of a commendation has great power to increase employee engagement. Most organizations have recognition programs that managers can use to show appreciation, however if they are not wired to think that way, then they may fail to execute from ignorance or being oblivious to the fact that they are accountable to motivate people.

    To assist companies,

Verve-Employeez has a digital social platform that empowers driving engagement and motivation:

Peers, colleagues and managers praise others for exhibiting company specific behaviors on the spot, not only are managers empowered, peers are also delegated power  to make decisions and  use their discretion to give praise attached to points and status to others.

This platform is a creative way to reward employees everyday in non monetary ways enabling any company  to easily set up a program that:

  1. Provides employees interactive tools to appreciate each other’s effort and contribution using an internal social media platform that is shared among all employees across the business. Thus there is more awareness of the initiatives that employees take everyday towards meeting business priorities, employees beyond managers have a say about how other employees make an impact towards achievement of goals.
  2. Creates a catalogue of awards that can be earned through recognition. Verve-Employeez has an ecommerce platform allowing employees to access awards of the choice delivered to them, such as groceries, spa vouchers, nail pampering, other non-monetary awards such as, seminar or training, or projects, time-off, etc.
  3.  Shares creative ideas,  thus those that initiate new ideas can collaborate and bring their ideas to life.

Every business environment is different, and every company has its own culture. Find out how the Verve-Employeez can help you building the right culture of recognition that promotes people motivation.

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