A great way to get revived. Retreat to work and strategise new ways of leading change with other Executives from different industries. Imagine an 8 hour Conference Cruise – that may be  just what you need  to re-energize your  creative spark. We have observed that while organizations understand the need to drive change, they struggle to lead complex and multiple aspects of change. Executive’s comfort levels in leading change creates a significant improvement on how Change Professionals and Line Managers approach change management across an organisation.   

This is the reason we have created this seminar just for you as an Executive, so you can address your organisational, people and project change  challenges from an executive standpoint in a private space.

on-cruise executive leading change seminars

This is an On-Cruise for a reason– to refresh your mind body and soul. Often leaders are disconnected to what is happening to people impacted by organizational change, change fatigue, overwhelmed change practitioners and inability to align activities to project benefits contribute in blocking successful transformation. Yet when you are in the midst of it, it is hard to untangle yourself from the noise.

Executive Leadership is a very crucial step towards successful change management in any organisation. Change needs to be personal first before it can become impactful, if you are refreshed and are thinking beyond traditional practices, you are in the best place to lead others to achieve success.


Leading Change Executive Seminar- onsite, on cruise or webinars

on-cruise seminar

We run executive  on-cruise seminars. Register your interest below below for an 8 hour Cruise Conference Leading Change Executive Seminar. For inquiries on upcoming seminars or onsite workshops call (27) 011 504 2237 or email office support –



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