Engaged employees talk positively about the organization

Engaged employees talk positively about the organization

Engaged employees talk positively about the organization they work for to their friends, family and communities. As they say, word of mouth is best tool for customer referral.

You have a higher chance of attracting potential candidates faster than competitors if employees are happy with being part of your organization – chances are they are already talking about it – promoting your company to others around them.

As skills gaps widen in the labour markets, the war of talent increases.  It takes companies much longer to fill  certain key vacant positions. In order to avoid the negative effects of talent shortages to impact operational efficiencies, organisations are prioritising and reviewing their retention strategies to lure potential top candidates and top talent. As if this wasn’t  enough pressure for organizations,  there is  a growing need to keep Staff abreast of ever changing information and related training renewal to align with the latest technology.

This is not a trend that is only affecting employers in the technology industry but most industries. Digital platforms provide consumers with information and that is where they spend their time, almost everything about a great customer experience has something to do with digitization.

All these exciting changes increase opportunities for new entrants to compete in the labour market, as the technologies are forever evolving and new. One can say “never mind experience today”, the freshest skills are current and relevant.

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Whilst companies are thinking of onboarding the millennials,  they also at the same time have to think of the older generation of workers who have been keeping the engine running, thus cannot afford to lose them.

Now what, where do companies have to invest their focus?

Well, the good thing is that every company has its unique  offerings and culture, i.e. finding out how your Staff feel about your organization can be done through employee engagement surveys.

This means that specific needs will arise from understanding Staff point of view about for example, the way they see the leadership of the organisation, how they see product and services,  the climate in terms cooperation amongst your staff, etc. Even if leaders of the organization feel that they are doing a good job in keeping staff engaged,  however if the survey results reflect otherwise, then leaders will have no choice but to look at the gaps from employee perspective and possibly realign employee engagement strategies to make sure they are serving both employee and organizational needs to build a positive internal image and employer brand.

There are many benefits to investing focus on employee engagement surveys, i.e.

  1. Engaging employees – consulting and communicating with employees,
  2. Enabling- empowering and building capability or effectively resourcing, as well as
  3. Energising – motivating and keeping work environment stimulating, since these efforts correlate to building an employer brand through leveraging off your highly engaged workforce.


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