Determining Factors For Choosing Employee Recognition Systems

Determining Factors For Choosing Employee Recognition Systems

Employee recognition programs provide a platform for employers to promote communication and feedback for appreciation of great work and behaviors amongst managers and staff.

Formalising an employee recognition program may require a company to invest in a recognition system to administer employee nomination forms and record transactions that lead to employee awards, especially for large corporates.

Benefits of employee recognition systems

  • Recognition systems will make it easier for you to track participation for employee nominations across the business, segment information of nominees and nominated individuals as well as provide business intelligence.

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Key Determining factors for choosing employee recognition systems are:

1. How much has your business set aside

  • The amount that your business has set aside for running an employee recognition program on an annual basis will inform the  type of investment you will make towards developing or buying an employee recognion system, i.e. a manual nomination process or an automated tool.
  • It is therefore critical to know upfront what kind of recognition system fits your business requirements prior to sourcing any vendors who offer employee recognition consultancy services or technology platforms.

For example, a manual system will allow you to create nomination forms that are physically printed and accessible for everyone in the business to use. This option is highly administrative, however more cost effective and allows more creative freedom to adjust processes and format. This option may be applicable for small businesses.

Whilst an automated tool on the other hand offers predefined processes and format of nomination forms that provide ease in administration. This option requires a clearer understanding of business requirements. I would first suggest that a company runs a manual recognition system first, or outsource its administration to first get a sense of which processes would best fit business context or even run pilot test in one of the departments.

Recognition systems run on technology platforms can be quiet costly and often involve contracts that are more than a year and user fees. Thus it is important to be absolutely sure of your business requirements for long term investment.

2.How flexible the tool is against your business requirements.

The flexibility of an automated tool for a recognition system is measured against the level of customizability of the system.

Components that would have to be considered when defining business requirements for your employee recognition system?

  • Content
  • Branding
  • Business Process Flow
  • Scalability
  • Analytics and reports

When choosing a recognition system, the features will be important as well. Knowing upfront which features are crucial and which ones are not, will help you know the kind of compromises you can make when it is time to choose between vendors.

Whether you choose to develop your own recognition system or use vendor’s system will depend on your predefined business requirements as shown on the guidelines above.

Things To Note:

  • Some employee recognition systems will have better flexibility and some are more rigid in allowing you to customise features to fit your business requirements.
  • Good employee recognition systems provides intelligence and analytics.

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