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I Aspire To Inspire You To:

  • Vitality
  • Power
  • Influence
  • Expansion
  • Resonance


My Ideal Work Space

I love it when I am having great minds around me, people who are eager and inspired, people who keep me on my toes where I feel like I can't get enough, where I want to experience more of them and what they have to offer, where I am easily inspired to ideas of how I intertwine what I want with their wants effortlessly, where I am seeing everyone's part clearly, and kind of being a director of a movie where I am shaping the characters and these characters are arriving to play and they play their distinctive roles. They feel eager, ready, willing and excited to play their characters and they give more and more and more to create new experiences that audiences have never experienced before. This type of environment and working space and atmosphere we create ourselves with our aura. I feel exasperated and I like being overwhelmed with joy around what I see and yet as we scratch the surface there is more and more that we are willing to uncover and yet we are not afraid to go to the unknown together as we rely on each other and our distinctive capabilities and curiosity to resolve any challenge, problem or opportunity that we come across. Each and everyone of us is competent, willing to go to new places they've never been before. Each one of us feels their power and is unstoppable. We've got drive that is delicious to watch and it is infectious. We carry each other. Those of us in a team who take downtime, as we pull back to get revived, we do so with no guilt, the other team members come in charged up. It is seamless and wonderful to watch how perfectly it works as it unfolds and comes together. It is evermore fun and joyous to see the results that all who see us and celebrate, and yet we continue to never stop looking for adventure. We want more and more things to still uncover, demistify and unpack, as if it is a maize we are always excited to figure. We unravel the path across the maize and get to the utmost satisfying results, and to those who are watching us, it is a mystery how we do it, whereas to us involved, this is how it should be.

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