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Digital Social Employee Recognition

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We offer a customisable digital social recognition  program that promotes appreciation for everyday excellence across all levels of an organization: Peers and line managers praise others for living the values and positive behaviours Employees are able to submit creative ideas towards new business improvements / solutions Employees receive badges for praises that accumulate in points. Redemptions

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End To End Customer Experience

Everyone is empowered to encourage and motivate others’ for living company values and demonstrating behaviors that have a direct impact to business goals and results. Leaders in call centres and sales environments on an everyday basis have been prioritizing employee motivation through recognition to improve morale, retention, higher productivity and employee engagement. With increased competition, it is critical to get

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Keys To Good Leadership | Highest Rated CEOs in 2016

Corporate Leadership Council studies show that highly engaged employees work 57% harder and drive 23%  higher business performance. WorldatWork 2015 recognition trends study revealed that senior management in high performing organizations are increasingly viewing recognition programs as an investment and not a cost. This is the most critical time for supervisors, senior managers, team and executive leaders to use their influence. Strategies

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