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Helping you design success!

Helping you design success!

Designing Change Interventions


Faith Nhlapo

I create interactive platforms for public and private sector leaders across business functions, industries and countries to engage about the impact of the fourth industrial revolution, 4.0 on society, businesses and employees.

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Digital transformation in the fourth industrial revolution, 4.0 is not an IT or HR problem.

Every head of department or division has to be prepared. We offer strategic change management consulting services to support leadership in gearing up to the fourth industrial revolution, 4.0

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Organisational Transformation needs Thought Leaders - don't be reactive - be prepared for the fourth industrial revolution.

Imagine implications of not preparing:

  • your job could be on the line
  • your company's sustainability could be on the line
  • you may be the one that has to tell people that their jobs are redundant

Yet, all this could be avoided - simply by preparing for the best!

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