Organisational Change and Employee Appreciation

Subtle Levers That Pull and Pushes

Verve Employeez Consultancy

Enabling Employee Engagement
Made Easy

Saving you time and helping you fast track implementation. Providing you with practical guidelines. Organizing your rough ideas and thoughts into well structured, easy to follow visual presentations. Writing your Staff Communiques Building you content that aligns to your vision and strategic objectives Translating complex transformation projects into simple understandable language.

  • Organisational Culture

    Easy Solutions to Improving Employee Engagement Results

  • Employee Awards and Program Management

    Employee Recognition strategy development and mobilization, branding, communication plus events

  • Organisational Effectiveness

    Goal Alignment, Team Effectiveness Facilitation and Workshops

  • Embedding Internal Customer Experience

    Affordable HR Toolkit Design

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Coaching, Facilitation and Design

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on-site and on-line services